Penguin Drop Caps Series by Jessica Hische and Paul Buckley.

Jessica Hische and Paul Buckley have collaborated on an exciting new project, a series of cover designs for classic literature featuring Jessica’s Drop Caps. The first six titles, below, look pretty amazing.

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Typographic Time Capsule: Exmouth Market Print

The final letterpress version of my print is now available, capturing the colourful history and present-day character of Exmouth Market. This vibrant little street is one of Central London’s hidden gems, packed with independent shops, restaurants, cafés and market stalls.

Researched over several months, this snapshot aims to preserve the street’s unique identity, recording each of the street’s current ‘establishments of note’ and regular market stalls. It also delves into its shady 400-year history, that includes blood sports, a disreputable Victorian tea garden and an atrocious graveyard now buried under the adjacent park.

The decorated initials, spelling ‘Exmouth’, have been inspired by the rich assortment of lettering found on the street or designed to represent its past. (you can read more about them here) The text is also full of little typographic details, such as historical and ornamental characters, which were great fun to add.

  • Letterpress in silver, turquoise and black
  • Individually signed, limited edition of 250
  • Printed on Crane’s Lettra 300gsm paper
  • Set in Minion Pro (Robert Slimbach, 1990) and printed by Hand & Eye letterpress, London

Establishments Noted:
North side: Caravan, Gulshan Tandoori, The Exmouth Arms, SpaceEC1, Brill, Farringdon Locksmith & Tool Shop, G N Furniture, Gail’s Bakery, EC One, Café Kick, Bagman and Robin, Family Tree, Potato Merchant & Santoré.
South side: Paesan, East Central Cycles, The Church of Our Most Holy Redeemer, Big Wheel Theatre Company, The Klinik, Clerkenwell Tales, Morito, Moro, Medcalf, Clark’s Pie & Mash, EXM Hair & Beauty, Pride of Siam, Nécco, McCaul Goldsmiths, Family Business, Hummus Bros, Sweet Boulangerie & Patisserie & Book Ends.

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Artificial Growths by Ivan Puig 2008



Handmade mossy meadow carpet by Alexandra Kehayoglou


"Looking for the right place" -  Antonio Segura Donat

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Workplaces of the Famously Creative [via]

"From tiny writing desks to giant painting studios, the only thing all of these creative studios have in common is that they inspired their successful inhabitants to create greatness.”

  • Georgia O’Keefe, Painter
  • Joan Miró, Artist
  • John Lennon, Songwriter
  • Ray Eames, Designer
  • Paul Cézanne, Painter
  • Pablo Picasso, Artist
  • Mark Chagall, Painter
  • Yves Saint Laurent, Fashion Designer
  • Francis Bacon, Painter
  • Jackson Pollock, Painter

Hina Aoyama